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Pioneering Sustainability: Zuellig Building's LEED Gold Certification and Beyond

Updated: Apr 1


In 2012, the Zuellig Building in Makati City became the first high-rise office development in the Philippines to be awarded a Gold Level Certification from the LEED-CS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-Core & Shell) by complying with the LEED-CS rating system of the US Green Building Council (USGBC).  The building design provides water and energy savings, lower operating costs and superior indoor air quality.​

Solar Initiative Beyond Certification:  While the installation of solar panels is not a requirement to attain LEED-CS certification, the developers, Bridgebury Realty Corp., decided to bring their eco-responsibility to the next level and commissioned One Renewable to install and maintain a 28.3 kwp on-solar to supplement power from the grid. Today, the building stands as a testament that the real gold is investing in sustainable power solutions with the right partners who adhere to the values of sustainability and resilience.​

One Renewable Project Technician installing a solar panel
One Renewable and our commitment for quality service

28.3 kwp - Zuellig Building, Makati, Metro Manila Solar Panels
28.3 kwp - Zuellig Building, Makati, Metro Manila

Erel Narida, President of One Renewable

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