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  • Jonas Dorega

A Green Revolution Unveiled: First Solar-Assisted Fully Automated Soil-less Melon Greenhouse in Bukid Amara, Quezon

Updated: Apr 1

One Renewable, Bukid Amara and Turbulent Drip Sales, Inc. recently launched a solar assisted, soil-less melon greenhouse under drip irrigation that features an automated dosing and climate sensing control system in Bukid Amara Agri-Farm, Lucban, Quezon.

Event Highlights: The event was graced by Mayor Tenten Villaverde, representatives of Municipal Tourism, Bureau of Plant Industry, DOST, TESDA,  Planters Products, Inc., Phil Farm Tourism Development Association and Korean Program for International Agriculture graced the event.   

Working together to create sustainable agriculture

Shared Vision for Food Security:  The parties proudly announced a cooperation agreement that aims to achieve their shared vision to contribute to the food security of the country by propagating sustainable agriculture using renewable energy. The parties aspire to cooperate and co-develop, design, construct and train operators for proof-of-concept, commercial hydroponics farms and other agricultural projects that will integrate their respective technologies and improve farm yields, conserve water, time and effort and reduce environmental impact.​


Synergizing agriculture and renewable energy through Solar PV technology

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