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  • Christian F. Pena

One Renewable's Off-Grid Power Solutions: Illuminating the Islands

Updated: Apr 1

Empowering Remote Islands: Overcoming Electricity Challenges with Innovation

The archipelagic geography of the Philippines with its 7,641 islands poses an enormous challenge to the national goal of total electrification. As of June 2023, the household electrification level is 91.1% with 25.3 million households served with an estimated unserved households at 2.454 million mainly in “off-grid” areas. ​

Diversifying power sources in “off-grid” areas to small scale power generation from indigenous renewable energy resource in a decentralized / distributed set-up is more efficient, cheaper, and cleaner alternative to the traditional large central power plants and high-voltage transmission lines or diesel-based power plants. ​

A view from Malalison Island, a community with 24/7 electricity with a decentralized Solar Hybrid Plant since 2019

Benefits of Decentralized Power Generation:  The decentralized set-up offer consumers energy security and lower cost because energy is produced where it is needed; incur lower transmission cost / losses and higher resiliency due to localized impact of typhoons and other natural calamities that results to faster restoration and recovery. ​

One Renewable is known in the industry for its innovative off-grid sustainable solutions.  It has designed and installed 1.8MW solar hybrid micro-grids in six island communities as well and a solar micro-hydro hybrid in a resort.​

National Roadmap for Renewable Energy: Outlined by the Department of Energy, providing a comprehensive insight into the future of renewable energy in the Philippines. You can download the report here.

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