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Unlocking Energy Freedom: How Prepaid Metering Powers Change in Remote Isles

Unlocking Energy Freedom: How Prepaid Metering Powers Change in Remote Isles

In 2019, the Mararison Solar Hybrid Micro-Grid, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), brought forth a game-changing prepaid metering system. Addressing challenges in remote island electrification, including seasonal income and operational efficiencies, this innovation promised a positive ripple effect for communities and investors alike.

Inclusivity and Efficiency Unleashed: Prepaid metering opens doors to 100% inclusivity for residents with varying incomes. It goes beyond, fostering energy efficiency by allowing power usage as needed. Real-time visibility hands residents the reins to budget usage without the fear of overspending or disconnection.

Streamlining for Operational Ease: In remote areas, operational challenges for Distribution Utilities (DUs) can be daunting. Prepaid metering steps in as the hero, eliminating frequent meter readings, billing, and collections. This transition not only boosts project bankability but also provides investors with a live dashboard of load purchase and consumer usage.

A Prepaid Meter this helps the Distribution Utility manage their collection and the household their budget

Seamless Transition, Tangible Benefits: Mararison Island seamlessly transitioned from postpaid to prepaid, thanks to the familiarity of Filipinos with prepaid mobile phones. Residents found the system a money-saver, offering daily balance monitoring and the flexibility to adjust usage.

Kap Allan Macuja shared the impact, noting, "In postpaid, we just wait for our 'sentence' during meter reading, and if we are unprepared, it may lead to disconnection of service."

Cloud-Based Managed Services: In December 2021, One Renewable introduced Cloud-Based Managed Services, a subtle shift towards hassle-free living. Subscription-based hosted vending services mean DUs no longer grapple with hardware maintenance, marking a stride towards a seamless experience. Covering 2,000 households in 13 barangays in Caramoan, Camarines Sur, the project employs ERC-approved second-generation digital meters, ensuring connectivity even in areas with no cellular coverage.


Integrating communication and renewable energy technology

The switch to prepaid metering isn't just about overcoming operational challenges; it's about empowering communities and embracing sustainability. Mararison Island's success story whispers the potential of innovative solutions in remote island electrification. As technology advances, prepaid metering emerges as a quiet force in creating sustainable and resilient energy systems for the future.

[Source: PV Magazine]

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