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  • Jonas Dorega

A Volcanic Wake-Up Call: One Renewable's Response to Taal's Ashfall Aftermath

Updated: Apr 1

After 42 years, Taal volcano erupted on January 20, 2020 affecting thousands of families and causing millions in damage. Taal, one of the world's smallest volcanoes, is also one of the most active in the country.  ​

Impact on Solar Rooftops:  Among the areas affected were 17 sites with on-grid solar rooftops that were blanketed with up to 1.5 cm of ash fall. 

Technician cleaning the solar panels
Clean up operations after the Taal ashfall in 2020

Swift Cleanup Operation:  One Renewable Operations and Maintenance teams quickly set off for the enormous task of cleaning-up when it was declared safe to travel.  Armed with soft brushes and brooms to prevent scratches to the PV models, the teams in full protective gear, worked tirelessly until the power plants were once again fully operational.  They were able to complete their task without incident despite some after-shocks experienced during the clean-up.  ​


One Renewable ensuring quality service

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